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Yandere Simulator

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This in-development simulator attracts player by its unusual plot. The indie project brings players to a usual school where very extraordinary events take place. At first, everything looks more than trivial. You see a Japanese girl – Ayano Aishi. She is the main character, and you will play for her. Ayano seems an ordinary teenager who falls in love with a boy from the same school – Taro Yamada. But why is she called Yandere? Very soon, the player learns, it is not a coincidence. If you do not know, the word yandere is used to describe a mentally unstable anime character. Ayano dives so deep in her infatuation that she starts to see a rival in every girl who dares to approach the object of her dreams. And you cannot even imagine how far the heroine will be driven off by her mad love. No matter how innocent the girl may look, she is true yandere inside and is ready to remove obstacles from her way at any cost. She will not think a bit even when she needs to kill. A seemingly sweet and fragile girl will eliminate competitors one by one in the most brutal ways. Although she does not look like a murderer, you need to help the heroine not to leave evidence, as even a small mistake can permanently separate her from Senpai.

Overall, there are ten antagonists she will need to get rid of. Each of these girls will appear in a new week. According to a Japanese belief, a girl may confess to a guy she likes on Friday under a cherry tree to make him fall in love. Ayano knows very well she has only five days for each rival and she will do her best to remove her by Friday. So you need to live through ten intensive weeks with Ayano and develop a very skillful plan for every rival. All of them are very different, and every time, it will become harder to deal with enemies. You cannot kill them openly as the police will immediately arrest you. So it is necessary to create sophisticated murder scenarios while officially your hero needs to maintain her good reputation in school. Will you help her with the organization of all these terrible crimes? All of them are really cold-blooded and versatile. Yandere girl will try all methods from a direct attack to poisoning. You also have to carefully mask all traces so that not a single piece of evidence remains. Join the game to go through true horrors with Ayano. Will you manage well this double life and play each of the roles without fail? Start these thrilling adventures to check it!

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