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Yandere Simulator Rivals

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Have you ever heard about yandere characters? Then you know they are often insane and dangerous, and it is extremely difficult to predict their actions. In this simulator, you can try on the role of such a hero. Actually, it is a schoolgirl Ayano Aishi. Everyone knows her as a kind and friendly girl. But you never know what secrets a pretty gild may hide inside. The game received its title not occasionally. Very soon, the main heroine turns into a real monster obsessed by romantic feelings for one of the boys from her school. Now, the story has become a real challenge as Ayano suspects every girl to be her rival and turns into a true Yandere ready to fight for her love. So can you guess what this fragile girl is going to do with everybody who happens to stand in her way? She will simply eliminate them, even if she is forced to kill. Overall, ten rivals expect the main characters throughout the gameplay. Every week a new girl will try to approach Senpai causing unbelievable fury inside Ayano’s mind. And each of them comes with her own characteristics. The first one is Osana Najimi, Senpai’s friend. She is annoying and unpleasant. Then, the heroine deals with Amai Odayaka, the president of the culinary club. Then comes Kizana Sunobu who is arrogant and self-centered. Every new rival comes with more complicated nature. And the yandere girl will need to rack her brains to find a way to eliminate the opponent. The developer does not insist on killing the rivals. On the contrary, the game offers other effective ways to get rid of the antagonists – you can spread false information about them, and these rumors will spoil their reputation. You can also arrange everything in a way for the character to be kicked out of the school. You need to try every trick to show the rival in the most unfavorable situation before you pass on to radical actions. Ayano has five days to realize her plan. If she remains idle, the other girl will confess to Senpai on Friday under the cherry tree and she will lose him forever. If you see you run out of time, you will have to organize a murder. But the main task is to commit it in a way for nobody to suspect you. Will you cope with this challenge?

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