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Whenever an interesting game or series gathers enough players, its fans immediately start to develop various mods that can make the gameplay even more exciting. And Yandere Simulator is no exception. This is a very unusual project that enables you to play for a Japanese schoolgirl, Ayano Aishi. The heroine seems very innocent and friendly. But very soon, you will change your opinion. The girl secretly falls in love with the boy from her school. And she dreams how she will confess to him on Friday under the cherry tree. In Japan, they believe this ritual may make the couple happy for ever. But suddenly, her plan seems to be rudely interrupted. Ayano notices that other girls also try to attract attention of her beloved guy. And she does not need to tolerate it. The girl immediately develops a plan to get rid of anybody who may come her way. The heroine will do all in her power to realize it even if she needs to kill to neutralize the opponent. These are not just threats – very soon she will start killing. Every week, you will deal with a new enemy and go through a different story line. But there are ways to make even one and the same week more interesting. You can use mods to add more colors and features.

There are different types of modifications for Yandere Simulator. First of all, you can change the characters’ appearance. You can experiment with the color of the eyes and hair, change clothes, and more. Other mods allow you to add additional characters to the game to make it more interesting to play. You will enjoy more cut scenes and exciting dialogues. With a relevant mod, you can even add the elements of horror or survival to the main plot. Modding community is working intensively to come up with new thrilling ideas to improve your gaming experience. So follow all new releases to go through new adventures, introduce new characters, add new items. Note your main task is to help your heroine clear the way to the heart of Senpai no matter what method you need to apply. But also note that a violent way is not always a solution. Always start with simpler tricks, and if nothing helps to eliminate the opponent, kill her without hesitation. But do not forget to carefully delete all evidence from the crime scene. Nobody should ever guess you can be blamed for all these murders!

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