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Yandere High School Simulator

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Yandere Simulator is an extraordinary project with a rather exciting challenge. You will play as Yandere, a girl who is madly in love with one schoolboy. And she is so obsessed with this feeling that she is ready literally for everything to eliminate all competitors. But inside her head, everyone who dears to approach the guy automatically turns into an enemy. Actually, the heroine will have two methods to deal with the opponents – peaceful and violent. In the first case, she will be spreading dirty rumors about her rival to undermine the reputation and make everyone turn away from such a girl. But if this approach does not help, the main character is ready for more radical methods. Fighting for her love, she will not stop even if she is forced to kill. Moreover, she is ready for the most brutal murders if there is no other solution. All these crimes are done secretly, and Yandere skillfully masks all of them, leaving no evidence and traces. She continues visiting the school, hoping to attract the attention of the boy. You will be able to get rid of rival in many ways. You can either arm yourself with a knife or borrow a syringe from the nurse’s room to euthanize the victim. And these are only two examples of what can be found on the school grounds. But note that all murders have to be made secretly, otherwise, you will be immediately caught by the police.

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