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This unusual online project will take you to a Japanese school. There is only one main character in this story. It is a girl named Ayano Aishi. At first, you see an ordinary schoolgirl who is secretly in love with a boy from the same school. The guy is not aware of her feelings. And the heroine really wants to attract his attention. And here the plot unexpectedly takes an interesting turn. The heroine’s feelings are more and more intrusive. Moreover, she is simply obsessed with the guy and sees rivals in all the girls with whom he communicates. The boy is shown as a secondary personage in the game. His image is rather positive, but little is known about his feelings and intentions. At the same time, the developer introduces ten opponents that the main character will deal with. All of them are schoolgirls who interact with Senpai in different ways. But Ayano immediately considers an enemy anyone who approaches the guy. And she is ready literally for everything to make these rivals disappear forever.

She will even kill without hesitations. All these antagonists are very different. There are ten weeks in the game. And every week, you will deal with a new opponent. Senpai does not feel in love with a rival by himself. Every day, the antagonist will interact with the guy in some way. And the main heroine will immediately see a threat in these actions. She will need to develop a strategy for each of the girls to eliminate them. In some cases, it will be enough to spread dirty rumors to put a stain on the girl’s reputation and force Senpai to forget it. But in other cases, the task is more complicated and you will need to kill the opponent. These murders are not occasional but thoroughly planned. Moreover, Ayano tries to pretend a nice girl after all these terrible crimes. She excellently masks all evidence and comes with more intricate murder methods when a new rival is seen on the horizon. You will also meet other characters in the game – the main heroine’s mother, some teachers, journalists. You will also closely interact with Info-chan, a personage that will be providing Ayano with the latest news in the school and help her realize her dark intentions.

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