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Yandere Simulator 2

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This game was first offered to the audience in 2014. Since that time, the developer has not stopped working on it. At the same time, the extraordinary story attracted a lot of fans who happily created different modifications to the original plot. One of them is Yandere Simulator 2, a sequel of the main game. It is also known as the Visual Novel. Actually, it is fan-made entertainment for fans to fill the time while they wait for the real Yandere Simulator game updates. The events take place after the main story is over. The main hero, Ayano, has successfully deleted all the rivals, and now she is rightfully waiting for the moment she can confess her feelings to Senpai. But at the same time, her mother is trying to get rid of Journalist who may know the dark secrets from her past and destroy the whole family in a moment. So Yandere is in danger again. Will you be able to guide all the heroes through new difficulties?

What will happen if old secrets become open to everyone? You can also try to play this fan-made game version as Senpai. You must have noticed that in the original version, the character of the boy is rather obscure. You never know his true attitude to this or that event. Now, this setup has changed, and you can live the whole story, looking at all the events with the eyes of this hero. Till now, nobody could guess how the young man sees Ayano. So even if you face the same cast as in previous releases, you will actually participate in a brand new plot. Besides, the scenario is not static, and it develops depending on your choices. The creator of this mod warns that your decisions influence directly the ending of the story, and he offers five different endings to the sequel. And there is both good and bad outcome. Are you already intrigued whether Yandere girl and Senpai can finally be together? Start this chapter to better understand all participants of this gloomy story and experience all possible plot variants.

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