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Yandere Simulator 1980

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The development of Yandere Simulator started in 2014. Since that time, it has received enough additional elements and improvements. But one of its mods has become especially popular – it is the 1980 mod. The idea for this mod came when the author of the game received an email telling him that players don’t like Info-chan and want something without her. This modification was released a full game with a complete storyline. This time, the plot is devoted to the mother of the main hero – Ryoba Aishi. And you will play for this character. All events unfold in 1989, and the events are very similar to those you already tested with Ayano. In this mode, you will have access only to those technologies that were available in the 1980s. There will be no Internet, phones and some other things from the main story mode. School rules will be much stricter. The tapes from the basement will be the epilogue of this mode.

The goal of the mode is to eliminate ten rivals, just like in the main plot. The player will have to constantly monitor who may be interested in Senpai to know for sure who the opponent is. And then the task is exactly the same – to kill those who may turn out to be potential rivals. Every next murder will be more difficult to organize, and you will have to think hard to keep everything in a secret. The main difference between the main release and this add-on is that you will deal with all the opponents at the same time. Earlier, they appear week after week, but now they act simultaneously. At the end of the story, Ryoba will face trial. Depending on how well the player has completed all the tasks, he will get a score. Plunge into these weird adventures that sometimes are overwhelmed with violence. This prequel mode allows testing gameplay and get valuable feedback from the players.

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